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We went to the field one afternoon to dig potatoes

On the way we saw some green, riped soybeans

There were also beautiful white large beans growing

After digging, a basketful of 35kg of potatoes were carried home

Another afternoon, we went to a nearby hill to find pine nuts

Olivia & Nathan climbed up several pine trees to get these large...

The pine cones are beautiful but has sticky resins

It was a fruitful harvest of pine nuts. On the way we...

After baking these pinecones, one can get to the pine nuts inside

Next to the village is a dam where one can do some...

Just before as it was too dark to fish, we caught a...

After settling down into daily routines, we go for some exploration of the surroundings during breaks. It was an amazement to observe firsthand how during different seasons of the year, the villagers would either dig for potatoes or look for pine nuts or do some fishing. There are so much to learn here. I can really appreciate how they have survived despite their difficult environment.

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