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we are home...

after staying two nights at a county camp park that was very nice (dos picos or two peaks) we headed home talking about our next trip and gas prices will again dictate that...our today's photos are just hiway route signs we keep record of for future trips

our photos:

our journal/map:

ron & bebe

thanks again to everyone who looked at our trip through photos, vacation photos are boring we know and that is why we do not include ourselves very much in a " this is us" and a "here we are" bunch of photos... we will send everyone a recap with all the stats of our trip for those who care about that stuff later... and thanks to those who sent emails with their comments/suggestions/and help...

and last of all thanks, thanks for being friends/co-workers willing to except all this stuff from us. on all of our trips you are always on our minds and we look for things that are for you too (look-a-likes, namesakes etc.)

a special thanks to mel prior for his help (camera stuff and remembering things he and claire has done that we just did) - bill & sarah smart (photo ideas) jay boyd (old cars) these guys kept in touch with us all the way...and helped us correct things we overlooked...

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