Mandy and Jon's Journey 2005 travel blog

The main baazar at night.

The maine bazaar at nite.

A view from Lord Krishna of the market below.

Cows don't read as well as they sit.

Colors galour at the Tibetan Market. Us - "only looking."

We leave Khao Lak for a weekend in Railay Beach, where it rains - mostly. Mandy becomes sick on the second to last day, so we retreat to Krabi. Mandy recovers - mostly. We survive our last overnight bus ride to Bangkok - barely. We get our Indian Visas - barely. We get to the Bangkok airport on the evening of October 26th - totally.

After five months, South East Asia is behind us. Looking forward we are shocked to see only six weeks left before we will find ourselves back home. This time will be spent in the thrilling and notorious chaos of India. Are we ready? After all that's come before would we dare to declare that we are "seasoned" travellers? I should be careful there. Alot can happen in six weeks.

Let's hope.

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