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Cowboys before the Rodeo

Bareback Rider


Calf Roping



Kids riding the Sheep



About to let one out

Catching the Calves

Riding a Bull


The winner-stayed on the sheep the longest




The Cowboy is off but the Bull still Mad


We went to the Rodeo twice, it's a great experience, we went to one years ago, but this one was on a bigger scale and in a indoor arena ( hence the photo's are not very good, poor light )It certainly has you sitting on the edge of the seat as when the bull riders come off the bull looks like it is going to charge them or step on them, he is mighty angry sometimes. They do Bull Dogging where they have to jump off the horse while it is galloping along, they have to grab the steer by the horns and get it to the ground. Team Roping is where two cowboys go after a calf one has to lasso the head and the other lasso's the back feet and get it to the ground. There are loads of other things going on with the cowboys riding horses bareback etc. This is all done on a clock to get their points. They also have children from 4-7 years old and below a certain weight ride the sheep the one that stays on the longest gets the trophy and a pair of cowboy boots. Then the older children had to catch a calf clip on a rope then drag it to the centre, the calves were pulling them all ways and pulling them over.

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