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Dimmit County Court House


Doesn't Blayde have a sweet face!

I had to include this picture, taken by Willis, because of Blayde's...

Not a lot of things going on in Carrizo Springs today!

Willie took this picture as we drove through Uvalde. Look at all...

The top of the Janey Slaughter Briscoe - Grand Opera House, Uvalde,...

The phone rings. It is one of my nurse agency recruiters. There is an opening for an L&D nurse in Carrizo Springs, Texas. Would I be interested in going? I’m not sure. What is the hospital like? Is there housing? What is the weather like in that part of Texas? Hmmm, sounds like a good reason for a “day trip”!

So off we go to Carrizo Springs (after all, it is only 170 miles away from San Antonio) to investigate the area for ourselves. By the time we got there (around noon) it was already 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh my… and it is only the beginning of April!

Carrizo Springs is reported as being the oldest town in Dimmit County and was founded in 1865. It is still a small town with a population of 5,377 and the area felt a bit isolated to me. The hospital is small but presented a good first impression during my brief visit.

Being as Carrizo Springs is the county seat of Dimmit County, we stopped by to see their courthouse. As is typical of many Texas towns the courthouse is the most impressive building of the town.

After checking out the housing options in the area (very limited) we then drove back towards San Antonio along a different route than we had come. Our return route took us through Uvalde. Uvalde tourist literature states they are “the Honey Capital of the World”. While there we stopped in for a delicious and authentic Mexican meal. I’m glad Willie can speak Spanish as he had to order for us since the waitress and other staff spoke no English. We also found the town to be someplace that may warrant further exploration (on another day) due to its historic downtown area.

We continued back towards San Antonio on Highway 90. It wasn’t long before a “Texas Stop Sign” (Dairy Queen for you non-Texans) beckoned us to cool off with a chocolate dipped cone in Hondo, Texas. The frozen treat didn’t change the fact that it was still over 100 degrees outside but it did make the heat more tolerable!

I’m still not sure if we will be spending 13 weeks in Carrizo Springs but at least we have more information to make the decision with.

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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