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Our old awning was in great shape except for the top few...

The new awning has aluminum on the last rotation to protect the...

(Ron Writing) We got a little rain during the night and it was very cloudy this morning. Right after lunch we drove up to Prescott Valley to my sister's house. We are staying overnight here, have some appointments in the area tomorrow and plan to return to Congress late tomorrow afternoon. It was pretty cold in Prescott today and snowing just a little. That weather system is supposed to clear out tonight.

We also put a few more things into storage and got a few things out of storage. We use the attic of my sister's garage to store some things we didn't sell or give away before we started full-timing. This time we actually put more into storage than we took out so we should have freed up a little space in the pickup and in Da Honu. We are constantly trying to optimize our use of the space available - it's kind of fun challenge actually.

As you can see in today's photos our old awning was getting pretty ratty from sun damage on the few inches that are always exposed to the sun. Our new awning is built better. It is made of acrylic rather than vinyl and it has an aluminum section that protects the cloth when it is stowed.

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