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Uluru Sunset 1

Uluru Sunset 2

Uluru Sunset 3

Uluru Sunset 4

Uluru Sunset 5

Uluru Sunset 6

Uluru Sunset 7

Uluru Sunset 8

Uluru Sunset 9

Uluru Sunset 10

Sunset at Uluru is a very special thing. It makes me (Gareth) feel very lucky that I could see such a thing in my lifetime. Don't kid yourself either... this thing is absolutely huge. As the sun goes down it changes character and colour many times, going from orange, from red, to brown and then darker as the sun goes down.

After the rush of the day through the harsh, red outback it was very calming to see the sun go down over such a beautiful site. Take time to look through the photos here. I hope they show off some of the magnificence of this giant monolith.

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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