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22 January

No sleep last night. I even mistook the time and got up and showered, washed my hair etc. Came out of the shower and Guy wanted to know what I was doing at 4 am showering. I'd thought it was 5..... Lay down on the bed with wet hair and fell asleep for an hour. All night not being able to sleep and then sleep for an hour! And I'm peeling!

Down for breakfast for 6:30 and there a queue. There's a university or college group staying and they're all up and waiting for their breakfast. Eventually we manage to get sorted and we call an uber at around 7. Get to the bus station, find our line number and wait.....and wait! The bus is an hour late and what's more, the 8am bus hasn't turned up either. Eventually at 9 or just after it arrives. Get on and were in seats 7&8. Well the 2 seats in front of us are occupies by 2 obese women who have their seats reclined so much we can't get in. They're not happy when we ask them to raise their seats so we can at least sit. Not much to say about the journey except it's long but the scenery is amazing. I think we could've driven; the roads are ok but the only issue would be the size of the roads. It's a huge country, everything, EVERYTHING goes by road but there's only 2 lanes. One going one way and they other the other way. And we're going round mountains, hairpin bends. It's quite difficult going to the loo when the bus is tearing downhill and around a bend I can tell you. Good job there was a lock on the door! There's a strange chap on the bus. No one else speaks a word of English thankfully (we can say whatever we like) except the strange chap. He wants to speak but doesn't know many English words and then tries to engage Guy in a stupid conversation which neither of them understands. Guy wants to be polite...,why? He's rude to me sometimes! Eventually, Guy gets fed up and stops talking to him.

We arrived eventually at around 8 pm in Belo Horizonte. Looked at uber to see how much it would be but decided we'd just get a taxi at the bus station. It cost double! 15 Reals. Around £3.50. We'd checked in online so that we didn't have to wait in a queue. Ah.....yes we did and in this Ibis, they don't speak English, only one person and he was in the office. Eventually, he came out and wanted our documents. When asked why we were told he wanted to check. Guy gets a bit stroppy....but eventually we get our keys...14th floor. It's the same as all the rest; generic. One of our glasses broke on the bus. My backpack fell off the baggage rail. Can't have any hooch right now. Dump bags and go down to see if we can buy water and coke. Next door! Borrow a couple of glasses from the restaurant here. Didn't ask, just borrowed. Then for a beer....go out again and across the road and down a bit there's some chairs outside. Order a beer and a portion of batata fries. In fact, we'd 2 beers. Knackered and so over to the hotel and bed.

I've woken up with a cough. Whether that's the air con or not i don't know. It's been coming for a day or 2 and after the day in the bus it's gotten worse. Hopefully it'll go quickly.

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