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Ferry from Bremerton to Seattle

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Washington Traffic

We crossed the pond today from Bremerton to Seattle. Nice, scenic trip for only $17. The last time we took a ferry it was from Haines, Alaska to Vancouver, BC with the two of us, our motor home and our Jeep. Total cost was around $5,000.00. This trip was “mo betta”.

When we arrived in the Seattle area we drove about an hour south to meet up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in 45 years. We were stationed in Taiwan together in the early 70’s, working in the Personnel function (Consolidated Base Personnel Office (CBPO)/Military Personnel Flight (MPF)) and reconnected via Facebook a few years ago. Larry has recently retired from his second career working for different airlines. Now he has TWO Space A sources when he travels --- yes, I’m jealous. We had a good lunch and got caught up (a little).

Driving back to our motel in Seattle we got to experience firsthand the traffic we had only seen from a distance in Oregon and Washington. It took us almost two hours to drive 21 miles. We checked into a local motel that I had previously reserved. Not much to it; small room, but had a microwave and refrigerator. Not much to see in the area so I guess this is our “rest stop”.

Got three voice mails from someone saying that they were from Hotel.Com, a company I had made a number of motel reservations through. I could not understand everything being said due to a very heavy accent, but the jist of it came through – my reservations had been cancelled due to overbooking. Now, I had made my reservations in JANUARY and three days before I’m supposed to be there they cancelled?? I couldn’t understand the phone number left for me to call so I called Hotel.Com direct. After explaining the calls I received and Hotel.Com verifying that my reservations were intact, I spent almost 30 minutes on hold while they “checked further.” They called the hotel and found out that my reservations were, indeed, cancelled due to overbooking. Since this reservation was NOT cancellable (by ME), Hotel.Com was working with the hotel to return my payment (If I had cancelled I would have lost my payment). Hotel.Com had to wait for the manager to make a determination. So I wait………

Today I received a call from Hotel.Com asking if I needed help in finding other lodging. I told her that I had already taken care of it. She then apologized for the problem and said that they were depositing a $150 voucher to my account to be used by me for another hotel sometime in the next 12 months. I thanked her for that, but also told her that would not affect the very bad rating I was planning to give that hotel that cancelled my reservation. She totally agreed and added that Hotel.Com also had an investigation started to determine what had happened. They weren’t very happy with the hotel either. O.K, Hotel.Com is back in my good graces.

As it all turned out, beside the plan spending a week in a town just to spend one day visiting a temple, we are now spending four extra days in the Salt Lake City area visiting her relatives. Dat’s mo betta.

Anyhow, we drove from Seattle to Portland in very good time (driving early on a Sunday morning helped). We were able to fill up the gas tank in Vancouver before crossing the state line into gas-expensive Oregon, drop Julieann and the bags off at the motel that we’re staying at for one night, and return the van to its owner on time. It was a good trip.

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