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2019-04-21.Easter in Bamberg

Another beautiful Franconian town, alive for the holiest of days with folks again enjoying spectacular weather. No matter the day, the cafes are open serving everything from ice cream to Rauchbier. A word about Rauchbier. It was "invented" when a brewer's malt was partially damaged in a fire. Rather than throw out a valuable crop, he used it in its smoky condition to brew a batch of beer and the rest is history. We went to a cafe with four new friends after our tour of the town to sample this "delicacy". Imagine drinking the smell of cooked bacon or ribs and that is what this beer tastes like. Not too bad from my non-beer-drinker viewpoint but for Bob, it was a once and done for Rauchbier. Still it was fun to sit in a restaurant looking out the open window at the sight of local families enjoying the day.

The town itself is quite old with its notable half-timbered houses, crooked streets and cobblestoned surfaces. There is a wall surrounding the city dating from the 11th century and the ubiquitous cathedral or two or three...A beautiful spot, indeed!

The only slightly disappointing thing for me and many others aboard the ship was that there were no arrangements made for any kind of an Easter service or for the ship to arrange its docking time to make a church service available for those who wanted to attend. I had been looking forward to going to church in a German town on Easter to see if there really is unity in faith no matter the language but had to content myself with the chocolate bunnies provided to us.

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