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View from my room looking across the bay to Valletta

Timed out before I had the chance to save so will redo tomorrow. Off to bed now..

Morning now.

Had a good sleep so can now make the entry for yesterday.

Rather than staying at the airport Lars had arranged for Klara to drive me to the airport as she had Laila and Per's car so she saw early morning at the beginning of her day as a change!

No problem with my flights except for a gate change in Frankfurt which had me moving swiftly from Gate 1 to Gate 22..

Arrived in Malta to slightly overcast but warm and humid weather. Taxi at the airport was well organised. Pay a set price in the office, get a numbered voucher, move outside and the driver searches for the number which matches his slip. Very chatty driver who talked about the number of refugees but with a construction boom in Malta, thanks to EU money, many of the men find work quickly so start to pay taxes and of course buy goods and pay rent.

Met Jan in the foyer as I was checking in and we arranged to have dinner together. My room on the ninth floor in the corner has two balconies and great view across the harbour to Valletta.

We found a quiet spot for dinner, having walked through the area opposite the harbour which is filled with eating places of all varieties.

Jan had a surprise for me. Our group will be 9 but five of these will be from the U.S. and from different states. This has been a surprise to Oddessy as they are Sydney based and their market has been confined to Australia and N.Z.

Had a good dinner and shared a half bottle of Pinot Grigio while we reminisced. Jan had taken the Anglo-French trip again this year..

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