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Originally the Wallace home

Painted white as the Summer White House for President Truman

An American religion

Rising into heaven

Today took us across the traditional heartland of America. We crossed the state of Missouri via I-70, from St Louis to Kansas City. We passed through vast fields of corn and other crops, traversed the rambling Missouri River twice, and went up and down wooded hills. There are not many cities along this route. Towns are simple and filled with hard working folk.

One such hard working man was Harry Truman. Raised on a farm outside Kansas City, the farm failed and he found work in the city. He also found a wife, Bess Wallace of Independence. The Truman House was in Bess' family for 3 generations. Harry got involved in local politics that led to election to the US Senate. In 1944 he was Roosevelt's running mate, and upon Roosevelt's death Truman became our 33rd President. He was the President at the time of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan and the Korean War. With Eisenhower's election Truman retired to the simple life of middle America, moving back into the Wallace house in Independence. The house we visited was simple, reflecting the basic values of Harry and Bess.

Also in Independence is another middle America story. The Mormon church movement found roots in Missouri after being driven out of New York. Here Joseph Smith had a vision of a temple. The Temple of the Community of Christ (formerly the Reorganized Latter Day Saints) is here in Independence.

Independence was the starting point for the Oregon Trail. Tomorrow we plan to visit the Trails Museum, and on Saturday we will begin to follow the Oregon Trail westward. Thanks for joining our journey.

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