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The Dresden Waterfront

Parade of Kings

The Zwinger WHS

The Zwinger

The Zwinger

The Dresden Opera

The Opera

Typical Afternoon Snack

Reins - At the Turkish Exhibit

Ivory Carving

Modern Art Installation

A Surplus of Statues



So Much Great Art

Floor Mosaic

Rodin - Bust of one of the Burghers of Calais (Pain)

Another Cautionary Moment

Welcome -

I'm a big fan of civilization.

I believe that a Beethoven symphony, played by a full orchestra, is mankind's highest achievement.

Of course there's penicillin, a dependable water supply, indoor plumbing, Vanderbilt University, vaccines, the Humanities, Swiss trains ...

Oh, and duct tape.

Civilization is fragile. Just ask the people of Dresden, Coventry, Nagasaki. Neither was significantly involved in their country's war effort. So the victims were civilian men, women, children. For Dresden a thousand years of civilization ended the night of February 13/14, 1945.

Take the time to re-read Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five, his account of the firebombing of Dresden in WW II.

Dresden was one of the gems of Europe. It is still in the process of restoration. Still, walking along the "balcony of Europe " beside the Elbe will take your breath away.

Vonnegut's tag line is "And so it goes."

Is that the best we can do?

The Geezer

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