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Bryan and I woke about 9 am, however Payton was sound asleep. She had reminded us a few times that this is here break too, the only time she gets to catch up on her sleep. So, we let her sleep while we had breakfast at the hotel. Small, but nicely set up we were able to have a fresh cappuccino or cappuccino mocha, some small pastries, fruit, cereal or, our usual, sliced ham and cheese on a crusty roll. We made her a plate, took it to the room and let her know we were going to visit the Recoleta Cemetary again across the street while she got another hour of sleep but once we returned at 11 she'd need to be ready to check out.

Wondered through then side of the cemetary we neglected the day prior. It was a gorgeous day again, with blue skies and going to about 80 degrees.

Checked out, left our bags, and headed out on foot to Palermo, specifically the trendy Soho barrio.

Lunch at Don Julio

Walked back by the BA Zoo and several city parks. With an hour to spare before we needed to collect our bag and get a taxi to the ferry port we decided to stop at La Biela. Bryan and i shared Malbec wine from Argentina, Payton had hot chocolate and choc mousse cake, as we sat outside under the large rubber tree/plant, the perfect place to sit and people watch. The cafe had been open for 176 years and had a similar feel to Cafe Tortoni with distinguished waiters, except it also offered outdoor seating.

At 6:20 pm we boarded our 6:45 pm ferry back to Colonia. Arriving on time at 7:45 pm it was easy to get a taxi back to the Spa La Reserve Hotel to check back in. Payton showered and stayed in. Bryan and I decided to go out for a walk, our first stop was to visit the hotel spa. Trying to learn about the spa was difficult without our translator, however we were able to book us each a massage for the morning so we did ok! Next we walked to the nearby Colonia ? Hotel we hadn't noticed before, to check out their cafe. Sitting outside on their patio, overlooking their pool, we tried our first Compari and orange juice. Initially a little bitter and stronger than Aperol it smoothed out at the end. Afterwards it was so beautiful out we walked along the Rambla towards downtown. The contrast between the deep blue skies and the brilliant stars was captivating. We could also see the lights along the harbor peninsula, highlighting it's shape, and shimmering in the river waters. The evening couldn't have been more wonderful. Apparently we weren't the only ones who thought so based on the number of people sitting, biking and jogging along the Rambla at 8:30 at night. It's very peaceful here.

Back in the room it felt great to shower, have some time to catch up on my trip journal and go to bed.

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