Eke & Brian - Bangkok to Bali - 2016 travel blog

Motor on the back of our long-tail boat

Our skipper







Heavy-duty power boats

Looking aft


Chicken Island






Four metre level marker of December 26, 2004 tsunami

Tsunami damage

Tile remnants from tsunami

Eke and our long-tail boat

Looks like trash on the water but they are snorkelers


Squeezing into a landing spot on the beach

Boats serving food on the beach


Beach buddy on Brian's leg

April 2, 2016, Krabi

Feeling good and yet realizing our limited supply of energy at the same time. We go for breakfast to an open air, empty restaurant down the road a bit. Nice breeze and in the shade! Eke ordered a yoghurt with muesli and fresh fruit and Brian bacon and scrambled eggs. We are the only customers there. We don't see a kitchen anywhere and wonder how our food is going to be prepared.

We realize that our waitress gets on the phone and a while later a man on a motorbike delivers two slices of bread (for Brian's toast) and yoghurt for Eke's breakfast. We really are wondering now where the eggs and bacon are going to come from! Everything appears though and we guess that there must be a kitchen down some stairs in one of the corners of the restaurant. We respect and admire the people's resourcefulness in running a business.

After our breakfast we walk back to our room and get ready to be picked up by our driver who will take us to our long-tail boat on the beach. The driver is early and brings us to the beach where our boat is waiting. Our captain and crew consists of a young man who speaks hardly any English - yet more than we do speak Thai!. His big smile makes up for the communication problem!

He brings us to Tup Island where we walk around in the water. With low tide people can walk between Tup and Chicken Island. There is a stream of people walking across - looks like a pilgrimage according to Brian. This is the hottest month of the year and it is school holidays - lots of people and lots of long-tail boats and speedboats.

The dresscode for women is from one extreme being the most miniscule bikini to the other extreme of women covered totally in black long sleeve shirts and long black pants with head covering. Men mostly wear bathing suits and some are dressed more modestly.

We walk halfway across and decide that is enough. On to the next island. Our captain shows us how Chicken Island comes by its name. Time for snorkeling. We get into the water but the mask doesn't fit Eke and she decides to just go for a swim. Brian enjoys watching some brightly coloured fish.

When we have enough of that, we are brought to Poda Island.

The beach area is partly shaded by trees but further inland things look kind of messy. We sit down on a small bench and realize, reading the inscription on a metal pole beside us that this area was hit by the tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 and was covered by 4 meters of water. The "mess" is left over from the tragedy although cleaning up and reconstruction of some buildings is in progress. We become quiet realizing that many people lost their lives here at this spot that day - and yet here we are - enjoying the beach and the water.

We get some fresh pineapple from a concession stand and then go back to our boat. Then it is on to the last island we are visiting: Phranang Beach. Lots of people and lots of boats again. To find a "parking" spot for our boat, our captain just pushes the boat in between others long-tail boats when it seems to us that it will not fit. But it does and we are on another beach!

We sit in the shade of the trees for a while, Eke goes for a swim, and we do some people watching. The snack bar boats are doing good business cooking and selling food and drinks. Then it is time to return back to Krabi which takes only 15 minutes. We are met by driver takes us back to our hotel where we take showers and stay cool while working on our journal.

We have a small incident with our laundry. We notice that several of our shirts and underwear is missing! Not a tragedy - just a darn nuisance! We go to the hotel desk and they set a search in motion which takes a lot of phone calls to the laundry and lots of searching by the young woman at the reception. Brian stays very calm while Eke gets somewhat annoyed but the end result is that the laundry is found! The hotel staff has been enormously helpful!

We meet the rest of the group down in the lobby at about 7:30pm. Tony (our tour leader) joins us - just being released from the hospital. He is going home in the morning and we are getting a new tour leader. He is feeling better although still quite weak. We all go for a nice dinner and call it a day. We are getting packed for the long drive (9 hours) to Penang in Malaysia.

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