The South Island of New Zealand -winter 2015/16 travel blog

Looking down after climbing to the top of the ridge

Taking a break on the sea trail

Even along the tide line there are wildflowers

walking on the path before the tide came in ...I ran across...

Jumping from boulder to boulder and outcroppings before the tide came in

Yesterday we saw the seals up close because the tide was fully in and they were up on the beach. Today, we took a walk up the cliff path overlooking the coastline at the peninsula where the seal colony and bird rookeries are located. Some of the photos in today's entry are taken from view points on the upper cliff walk. The tide was way out and the seals had retreated to the farthest rock areas. The birds were out in full force on the land exposed by the low tide. We walked about a half hour on the upper cliffs then took a path that led down to the tide pools. You can only go on this path at low tide. It was very rocky and rough walking but great upclose views of the tide pools. It took an hour to cover the return trip because the boulder/rock hopping was slow going. One of the photos shows a bird rookery area where hundreds of white shearwaters (name of type of sea gulls that only nest in this area) were gathered. Even though it was a tide pool area, right on the upper banks of the shore there were great wild flowers evident and it was gorgeous. While we were doing this walk, Seth went on Fyffe Mountain, elevation 5,286 feet. He ascended and descended a vertical mile in about six hours. While on the top part he dealt with 30 mile an hour winds/rain - but on the way up it was 80 degrees and sunny. We met back up at the end of the day and had delicious blue cod fish and chips - a local fish from this area. Tomorrow we are off to Blenheim - a couple of hours up the road. 10, 588 steps -- 1 hour max driving!

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