on the move with qings, Spring 15 travel blog

whoever was expecting a moving experience, read, a lot of motion on the ocean is gong to be disappointed. Sea state has laid down from 2-3 feet to 1 foot to maybe a half. AT times, the seas is more sapphire mylar than anything else. I need to check the calendar...April on the Atlantic?!! I am sure the girls are not complaining though. This is also good for encouraging any future sailings.

We had a great lecture on the history of transatlantic travel, from months in 6 square feet of a hold that may or may not be nailed shut with body louse that may have carried typhus that could kill up to one out of two travellers...to 6 weeks on packet ships carrying mail...to a few weeks under steam which might reach the destination without running out of coal? And we aren't even talking Coast Guard ships!

So we cannot complain about a mere 6 days to Horta. We also have a marine biologist onboard who gave a captivating talk on sea monsters mythological, ancient, and modern and I loved it when he talks in terms of our CC timeline and even referred to the Age of Exploration, well that just warms the cockles of my heart. Whatever they are. We can look at that in Essentials next year.

We have about 2100 onboard. That is about as much as I need to sail with. Everyone else can have my spot on the boats with 3000 plus. If I wanted to be on an aircraft carrier, I would have joined the Navy instead. That said, we are 1000 feet long and we hike at least 10 laps in the morning before lectures. And so, how much do we hike then, homeschoolers? See, it's not all fun and games!

I should add there is quite a serviceable BB King cover band onboard from Jackson, MS...? I wouldn't have guessed it. There was a Q and A with the captain who reassured us of redunduncies onboard which should preclude a situation like the Carnival Splendor a few years back. The ship has the coolest propulsion system

with two units called azipods which look streamlined ovals with smaller props attached. Vince, did you invent that?! The whole package can rotate 360 degrees and it generates bubbles to counter cavitation. Very cool. The ship cleans all its waste and gray water and we don't even have to drink it! They take on water inport and can RO water as well. They never did say what happens in port overseas...can you drink the water in Europe now?

Met an interesting old guy...well they are most all old except for some of the Kitchens, who was from old Cuba. In the morning he was out walking in slacks and oxford shirt. Sir, did you stay up all night? No, this is as casual as I get! I am thinking lawyer....or undertaker...any way, he came from Cuba in 1960 and has lived in Miami/Kendall ever since. Was a microbiologist now a federal interpreter. Not happy about the changes afoot between the US and Cuba. Looking a lot more European than Cuban. Really enjoyable chat with him and his wife... from Ohio. Lots of interesting older folks on board and a lot more low key than the Royal Caribbean ship with about 80% aussies.

I should add, one of the people looking after us has parents moving to....Erlangen! Which is the tiny town my cousins have lived in with a house that is 500 years old. What are the odds?

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