it's off to Central America travel blog







ball court







termite nest

my guide



Nohoch Mul



on the way to the top

made it

nice veiw

can see the lake near my hotel

on top





lots of ruins




looking at the back side

a slow hike down




tour guide piggybacking a handicap man to part way up

a old well



another ball court

broken ring on this court

winner lost his head

untilted 46





need a rest







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Up early I head out for a bit of breakfast nothing open early so I get a orange drink and some cookies from the store and head off to the entry of the ruins there at 8:00 when it opens was the first person in, 64 pesos entry fee. When I left the hotel the same local dog from yesterday started to follow me to the park and was my guide in most of the park didn't speak English lol. Got into the park rented a bicycle had been a really long time since I had been on one but did alright no crashes, as the park is very big need it to get around and my guide was four legged drive. I got to the Nohoc Mulu the great pyramid of Coba it is 40 m (130 feet) high and the tallest one in southeastern Mexico, it is one that you can still climb to the top, made it to the top also was the first one of the day to climb it, then spent the next 3 hours exploring the park with my four legged friend. Then it was back to my hotel for some lunch and bit of rest, a walk in town before getting my first class bus to Playa del Carmen, was a couple hour ride with a stop in Tulum, getting there eerily evening, bus station only a short walk to my hotel. After getting checked in it is off a walk about my new home for the next few nights, sure a lot different then the past two places places, the main street pack with people a walk down to the beach then to get some dinner had shrimp fixed at my table was very good, and with a couple cold ones nice just watching the tourist, lol checked out a little of the night life but had been a long day so off to bed.

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