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Cheers from Zulu Nyala Game Lodge

Jumping for meat

Kim and the cheetah

Pete and the cheetah

Bill and the cheetah

Sufia and the cheetah

We see elephants!


Male cheetah that we walked up to

Awww giraffes kissing!

Giraffes playing

Cool bird that we can't remember the name of

As you can see, I've been posting the last few day's activities today. I've just been typing it up in Word every day, downloading the photos to the computer and putting the ones I wanted to upload in folders so when we finally got access I could do this!

Here's what I wrote earlier today....(and by the way, we've just been enjoying a leisurely afternoon with our feet in the pool when we saw the elephants on the hillside in the distance - so cool!!!)

Tuesday lunch time and still no internet. Boo!! Yesterday afternoon we went to the cheetah rehabilitation facility. They had several different types of cats, the highlight of course is the cheetahs. But they did have this animal called a caracal that can jump crazy high. They threw meat over the fence and he would jump and catch it! We got to go in the caged area with the cheetahs and pet them – that was so cool!

Another 6 AM game drive this morning. We headed straight into the valley to try and find the elephants – and we did. It is amazing how well they can camouflage themselves – you would think you would easily be able to see 3 4 ton animals walking through the woods but nope! We drove right by them the first time but when we stopped we could hear the branches breaking and trees snapping so we knew they were close. We backed up to another spot and looked across the ravine and up the side of the hill and saw the trees moving and then we were finally able to spot them. They have 3 females at this reserve a mom, her sister and a child (about 6 or 7). We sat and watched them tear down trees and just walk along the side of the hill for about an hour – it was so cool. It’s amazing that they can just pull the trees straight out of the ground with their trunks.

We ran across the rhinos again and watched them for a bit. One of the other guides had found the male cheetah taking a snooze, so we were able to pull up close to it and get out of the vehicle to see it! You feel a bit uneasy getting out and walking towards a male cheetah in the prime of its life that hasn’t fed for a few days!! But he just laid there and would stare at us every so often and then put his head back down. Most animals, including the cheetah, have a natural aversion to humans (unlike leopards who do not), and he is used to humans being around so he wouldn’t bother us.

The last cool thing on the morning drive was 2 giraffes on our property playing with a giraffe on the neighboring property over the fence! The fence on its side was not electrified so it would just lean against it and brush up to the giraffes on our side. Our side of the fence was electrified so our giraffes stood back a bit. But they kept rubbing each other’s necks and twisting and turning – it was very cute.

We have a nice leisurely afternoon today – it’s supposed to be in the 90’s so we’re just relaxing on our patio and will likely take a dip in the pool this afternoon.

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