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Bob Evans Farm

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Bob Evans campground

Wood craver with chain saw

Bruce Belanger

Log rolling


Tractor square dancing

Fall mornings in the hills of southern Ohio at the crack of dawn are a new beginning just like a new born baby. The air is crisp, the birds are chirping the new day’s welcome, the smells of campfires smothering from overnight and the dew heavy on the grass. The fog covers the valleys as the hill tops appear to be rising from a sea with different vibrant colors showing. As the fog rises from the valleys and envelopes the hilltops the valleys start to come into focus of the green grass that covers the ground. The beauty of southern Ohio will not be seen anywhere, each area of our country will have their own wonders to begin each day.

We will travel to the 43rd annual Bob Evans Farms Festival. We did not know that it was going on this weekend so it will be a bonus for us. This is the big event for the area, it brings tourist and craftsmen from several nearby states. We were told it will attract close to 3000 people for the 3 day event to see apple butter be processed, lumberjack shows, tractor square dancing, and other vendors selling their wares.

The first demonstration we took in was the lumberjack show from Escanaba Michigan. The show was very informative about the lumberjack days of old. The gentleman that introduced the show was an employee of Bob Evans Company for 43 years and still returned each year to do this festival. Had a conversation with him and he introduced himself as Lowell Smucker. I explained that I worked for the JM Smucker Company; he said that they were a very distant cousin of his but he doesn’t know them personally, what a small world we live in. Next, the gentleman that was the leader of the lumberjack show was Bruce Belanger from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I introduced myself and explained that I spell my last name Belanga, must be a distant relative also.

We walked around taking in the entertainment of bluegrass singer, horseshoe pitching, Bob Evans Museum, and tractor square dancing, hopefully never again. We had seen enough so it was time to leave the great festival. Roger told us about a restaurant that had great steaks just outside town, so off we went for steak. The name of the restaurant is Jimanettis Pizza and Pub. Talking with the owner, a young man whom had just purchased the restaurant, he explained that he was in the next county and he could serve alcohol and where Rio Grande is, that county is dry. With Rio Grande University 2 miles away he gets the students in his place for alcohol because he was the only place in 15 miles, what a deal.

We decided that it was time to head for home, so we all loaded up in the motorhome and headed north. We pulled in around 10:00 PM which is not normal for us to travel that late but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. We had a great trip and hope everyone enjoyed following us on the trip journal. Till next time.

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