Clarence and Sandy's RV Tour 2013 travel blog

Lobster picnic in Alma, NB

Clarence is seeing if there is paint on this boulder from our...

Visited Canada's International Labor Union Museum

Tide starting to come in at Flower Pots. One on right is...

Ice in water...I told you it was still cold here.

Before we left the campground on Thursday, Clarence found the boulder that he ran over two years ago when we were in this campground. We also visited the International Labor Union Museum and looked for photos of his Uncle Van but did not find any. Our journey then took us to the little town of Alma. The wagon master had taken lobster orders from each of us and had called ahead to have them steam lobsters that were caught that morning. Although it was a little cool,we sat outside and ate the lobsters. We also had sticky buns and peanut butter cookies from the local bakery for dessert. We drove on to the "Rocks/Flower Pots" where tides average 35 feet. We got there about 3 hours before high tide so were able to walk out near the rocks with our group's personal guide.

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