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Roxie, Terry & Doug at Bay of Fundy National Park

Covered Bridge

Flower Pots Before Tide Came In

Flower Pots After Tide Started To Come In

Today we drove 111 miles to our next destination. We drove through the Bay of Fundy National Park. Yankee RV Caravan takes you on scenic back roads to the different locations that you would not necessarily travel on if you were traveling on your own. Our first stop was in a little town called Alma. We went to Butland's Seafood Market and picked up three fresh two-pound cooked lobsters that we had ordered in advance. We ate one for lunch and froze the other two for another time. Then we walked to Kelly's Bake Shop and bought six of their homemade sticky buns. Nice little town with a great view of the Bay of Fundy. There were lobster boats waiting out in the bay for the tides to come in so the fishermen could get back to shore.

As we were traveling today we saw several old covered bridges. We drove through farmland with horses and cattle in the fields. There were fields of blueberry bushes that will be harvested in August. There were lupins growing wild along the road.

Our last stop before going to the campground was Hopewell's Flower Pot Rocks. We timed our visit to coincide with low tide. A short trail lead to stairs down the cliff to the ocean floor, where there were these oddly shaped sandstone rock formations standing along the shoreline. They were created by the rising and falling tides over many thousands of years. These rocks are called Flower Pot Rocks because the trees grow at the top of the brown stacks resembling plants growing in a clay pot. When we first got there we were walking on the ocean floor and standing under the arch in one of the rock formations. Less than an hour later, the water had risen about 8 feet so that the same flower pot arch was surrounded by water. The tides can rise up to 4-stories high in the same spot you were standing at low tide in the matter of a few hours. We had a tour guide that explained all of this to us and showed a time released video of the difference between low tide and high tide. She said that the same video can be seen at the website: www.thehopewellrocks.ca You Tube, Time Lapse HD

The Ponderosa Pine Campground is a nice little campground. We had a caravan get-together in the clubhouse. Yankee RV served cake and coffee to celebrate four birthdays and two anniversaries that will take place while we are on the caravan.

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