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Fountain of what? On the Shore we call that a hole in...

Wish they had a bigger glass. Hope this works

Beauty and the tree

Oysters in the mud

A happy young man,

She found her first beach of the trip

Two happy lovers at the beach

Fishing not catching

Spanish Moss in downtown St Augustine

Destiny out for a short walk with Grampa in tow

We really didn't want to leave Savannah since we'd fallen in love with it, but this is but the beginning of our journey. That led us to the state of Florida and the city called St Augustine. The shorts are on and the legs are out. Sat around yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine and 70* temperature.

Today it was off to the fountain of youth where we each drank our fill, but since there was no charge for the water one must wonder if we will get what we paid for. Learned some history while we were there and saw some of God's handiwork while enjoying the 75* weather.

The it was off to the beach where Linda's eyes sparkled and a bit of shelling took place. There was a gentleman fishing on the beach and I was amazed to watch as he caught something I frequently catch at home and in Hatteras; nothing!

One interesting discovery is that during February in Florida, we ain't old anymore.

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