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Five Islands Elementary School

Five Islands Senior Center

Eggs for sale

Five Islands Baseball "Stadium"

Stadium Restrooms??

Hillside Farm

Fish Market

Fish Market

Soley Cove from Economy Mountain Road

View from Economy Mountain Road

Today I decided to drive east of the park to see the village of Five Islands. Five Islands is a provincial village that consists, essentially, of homes and farms on either side of the road that runs through it. They don’t even have a traffic light. There are 3 restaurants, a small market and a house with a sign out front that says you can buy fresh eggs there after 6 p.m. daily. There are a couple of side roads that sometimes lead to a cluster of houses, but basically “what you see is what you get”. The single church only holds services once or twice a month since the congregations in these villages are so small that there is only one preacher for all of them. He travels the circuit, visiting a different church each Sunday. The atmosphere here is quaint and tranquil. I was a little concerned, though, to discover that the Senior Center had a graveyard in the side yard. Kind of makes you wonder how strenuous the activities are there. :-)

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