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July 23, 2012

We are back with photos— I have procured the right cable to allow downloads.

We set a record today—83 Kms (2900 calories burned) in the high 20s or low 30s. NB, my calorie counter does not take into account the weight of my tools that I am carrying (Lorne can attest to the weight)

Sue and I are on the horns of a dilemma for which we may need some input—we had to use our GPS today to finish our ride and find our hotel. Per Lorne’s strict instructions, we are not to refer to our GPS as Emily—since that is Lorne’s loving nickname for his GPS—so since we cannot also use Emily, we need a new name—2 came to mind—Kirsten (Lorne advises that she does not hesitate to provide travel instructions) or Judy (we have experienced 1st hand her ability to provide firm and direct opinions re travel) –this should sort itself out in the next few days.

Brugge is the Venice of the North (I have put in a few photos)—it is a beautiful City that has many canals. WE need Lorne, Bruce and Judy snapping photos of Brugge—my limited skills will not do it justice. Today in our ride to the Atlantic, we rode past many canals. We rode to a City of Heirs that had miles of sandy beaches and the boardwalk complete with

miles of condos was very impressive (albeit a bit touristy)

The cycling today was excellent—all of the paths are marked and we have map that shows all of the routes. Speaking of cycling we may have seen a couple of thousand cyclists today (yes 2,000 on a Monday)—everyone cycles.

We had our 1st Belgium beers (brewed in Brugges) and fries and mayonnaise—probably equal to about 2,900 calories

Al & Sue

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