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We have had an amazing day. Left Wilpena Pound before 10 after meeting some fellow Tasmanians.

Firstly we saw a wedge-tail eagle in the middle of the road on a dead kangaroo. I had the camera at the ready and Barry carefully drove closer. First photo taken and then when taking the second photo the eagle spread it's wings to fly off - brilliant!

When leaving Quorn we found a car on it's roof, but people had stopped so we kept going.

Then in the middle of woop woop (yes really!) we came across two joggers - I have photo proof!

Didn't stop at Port Augusta except to refuel. Was a long day's drive and the road went on and on (we know it did because we could see it miles in front of us).

We were driving up a long hill and I said to Barry I think there might be a view when we reach the top. Well we were speechless - and I know that is amazing, but we were! Thankfully there was a parking area so we could stop to have a proper look and take photos. We were looking over Island Lagoon, which is a salt lake and then all around as far as the eye could see - just amazing. We knew Australia is a huge country, and last year we thought we saw big views, but today was massive. I just hope the photos do it justice.

Then we saw 6 dead cows, five emus, loads of dead kangaroos, sheep, and a cyclist about 20kms outside of Woomera - yes really, a cyclist!

We refueled again at Spuds Roadhouse at Pimba, very close to Woomera. Think the weirdest thing we saw today was there - a man was setting his caravan up for the night a got a lawnmower out of it!!!! Then the Japanese tourists in the minibus next to us were peering in to our caravan windows and still had their hands up looking in when Barry started to drive off!

We had a drive around the town, very, very interesting. Looked at the rocket launchers, bombs, missiles etc that are on display and then went to the caravan park. Have been in the Cudgee Bar in the park and found out loads on information about Woomera and how it operates now. We have learnt heaps.

Tomorrow we will head to Coober Pedy, which is about 450kms and we will refuel at Glendambo, which is an elevation 150 metres, the population consists of 22,000 sheep, 2,000,000 flies and 30 humans!!!! I feel another interesting coming on lol!

Over and out,

M & B xx

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