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In the new kitchen

Woodlands B&B

Next stop Stone to see Anne and Roger Green. About 25 years ago my nephew Gavin did a 6 month young farmers exchange on the Green's dairy farm. All members of both families have have kept in touch ever since and visited each other over the years. On our 2004 trip Chris (Gavin's mum) and I stayed with the Greens. So this was a catch up visit

We had instructions from the Greens and from Chris and Gav .

Our instructions were for getting to Stone from Luton Airport. However wfigured we could easily switch that to starting point Stafford. So Mike had entered details while in Perth(and so I didn't print out the instructions) with the last point as Common Lane. The trouble was that a) there were probably a few Common Lanes and another was at the Stafford end of the Common lane there were road works...road closed. Our little GPS man was having none of it. So around in circles we went. each time going a direent way but always back to the road works. We then decided to go to Stone and work back. Our little man was still all for going back to Stafford. We then phoned Anne and with instructions from Jill her sister started again. This time we were successful, finally arriving safely with tempers only slightly frayed. It didn't take long with Anne and her sister Jill to have us relaxed and sharing news and stories from both sides.

Last time I was here their new house was just starting to be built so it was great to see the end result. The view from the windows of the lounge and conservatory is like looking at an English postcard. Rolling hills, roof tops of village houses and lots and lots of green.

The farm is managed by Anne and Rogers son but with still Roger fully involved He had just been to a sale to sell calves. All their milk is sold to a German company and used for Yogurt.

We went for a walk to the farm lake..a few ducks a fair few fish. Some very large.

Also saw a few rabbits running around. Anne says its like Watership Down. We were told we had missed a pheasant going past earlier.

After a lovely lunch which finished with impossible pie a variety of fresh berries and fresh cream (10/10!) we were going to depart but Roger arrived home. So we chatted more. Gav we did hear a story about you and Jill's husband??

Then with directions and suggestions for places to visit it was off on the next leg of the trip; the lakes. straight up M6. Unlike the motorways further south where last time our views were really blocked by hedges etc here we had good views. The scenery began to change; fences went from hedges to stone and sometimes in the middle stretch post and wire. It became more more rocky and a bit more desolate looking. Trees a bit more stunted.

However nearer the lakes the greenery increased again. And when we drove into town it was very WOW. The only downer which has since been forgotten, was that everything was built of the grey slatey type local grey stone with occasional rendered white ones

There is lots of accommodation. But we had no book or computer access so no idea of quality or price. So we drove around, through, and out other side driving beside the lake. Yve then set the criteria. She didn't like the grey ones. So it had to be the one other option; White. So we ended up in 5 star WHITE B&B. (well there was a bit of grey stone too. But acceptable.)

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