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We went back to Towcester for a few days mainly to collect the post and regroup before heading south and of course to say hello to son Martin again. We needed to make sure we had all the paperwork for the coach import ready for its arrival on the 19 February.

As we were having lunch we suddenly heard an almighty bang from the next door neigbours house. We thought they were moving furniture. We discovered a few hours later, when they knocked on the door to say they had been away and one of their water pipes had burst in their bedroom which had resulted in the kitchen ceiling falling down with the water, That was what we had heard! They had turn off their water till a plumber could come.

A few hours later we discovered we had no water downstairs but water upstairs - something strange was going on. We discovered the next day that there are two cock stops in the steet for the two house. The one outside their house had been Martin's and theirs had been the one outside Martin's/ They had turned off the wrong one. We were getting water upstairs because of the cold water tank in the roof.

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