Calhoun Trip to Oshkosh By Gosh August 2011 travel blog

The one we almost missed - actually in Oshkosh City

Great shot of Fond du Lac Lighthouse and grounds

Historic Marker for Fond du Lac Lighthouse

Really, this is a lighthouse!

Lighthouse - former water tower

Ed feels anchored down

Thing 1 and Thing 2 as Sharon calls them outside her dining...

Beautiful Landscape of Sharon's house

Ed wants to buy this fire station $330,000.00

Oshkosh Lawn Ornaments

Cindy writing the blog today. Oshkosh area is very nice - the homes and properties are well maintained (and most have large screened porches), the lake is beautiful, and everyone was friendly. Sharon lives about a block or two from Lake Winnebago, so she walks the dogs there, and swims in the lake too! On Sunday she took us on the tour of 4 of the 6 lighthouses around the lake. The first, Brays Point Lighthouse, is in a residential neighborhood near her house and it qualifies as the cutest lighthouse I ever saw - it is tiny and is on private property on a little piece of land in the water behind a house. I trespassed and took the photo. Our second stop was at the Fond de Luc Lighthouse, which is a New England style lighthouse and very nice - you can climb this one. The third one was a very strange looking lighthouse (I called it the conehead lighthouse, but it's real name is the Fisherman's Road Lighthouse). The final lighthouse on our tour was the Calument Lighthouse which Ed climbed - this one was also pretty different in that it was an old tower (we told Ed it was a fire tower, which is probably why he climbed it). It's nothing but steel and steps. If you are interested in more info about these lighthouses, here's a link to a site that shows where they are situated around the lake, and specifics about each lighthouse at the bottom of the page.

Sorry sisters, no magnets of these lighthouses, just photos...

Each place Sharon took us had beautiful parks, flowers, well kept homes, etc. The downside came on Sunday night when the Lake Flies hatched!! Apparently Lake Winnebago is home to Sturgeon and lots of other fish and part of their feeding are these Lake Flies which seem to only be on Lake Winnebago. They hatch twice a year - once in May and once in August. The flies only live a day to 10 days (depending on which research you read), then die. Well, our timing was perfect (or perhpas less than perfect...) as they hatched while we were there. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it. There were a few on Saturday evening, and we saw some Sunday morning when we were walking the dogs. By early Sunday evening when we got back from the lighthouse tour there were millions of them swarming down the middle of the street. They looked like clouds or fog rolling in they were so thick in places. They don't bite, and apparently don't see well either, but they bump into you and YUCK. They do seem to be drawn to light. Sharon said they hatch in the lake usually go only as far as a block or two from the lake, but since that's where she lives we were in the midst of them! Now I know why everyone has their porch screened!!! There were so many that it sounded like buzzing you hear near high voltage electric lines. Very spooky sound.... We sat on Sharon's screened porch and watched them and it was fascinating... at least until I went into the RV. The kitchen light was on and the ceiling and wall was covered with them!! I was freaking out and Ed and I started capturing (ok, squishing) them in paper towels. By the time we got most of them, Mom came back from taking her shower. She missed them but I had the hebe jebees all night!!!

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