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Longest named town in Wales

An ancient fish trap in the sea on the way to the...

September 12 and leaving Liverpool early this morning. Blustery and quite cool with a steel grey sky moving quickly. We actually found our way quite easily out of Liverpool via one of the two tunnels under the Mersey. One pound fifty each way and these are long tunnels and no options of bridges. Liverpool was different but very interesting, really gritty but in the stages of really impressive renovations in the Dock areas. A good place to visit. We are on our way to Ireland today and had a very nice drive along the Northern Coast that abutts a bay of the Irish Sea. Very pretty land of far off green pastures and rolling hills that seem to go on forever. We passed by several glorious castles up on the cliffsides as we neared the Isle of Anglessey. But no sight seeing today as we have to catch the ferry to Dublin at 11:30. It is really blowing today as the news says we are experiencing the remnants of Hurricane Katia and wouldn't you know it...the sailing we are booked on is cancelled due to gale force winds high seas.

Postponed till 2PM and with time to kill in Holyhead, Wales we headed into town and wonder of wonders there before us was a laundromat. Finally we had just enough time to do all the accumulation of England's grime so the delay worked out just right. We will be wearing our finest in Ireland! With priority loading and Club Class reservations we boarded the Ulysses quickly and were off to Dublin. The Ulysses is the world's largest car ferry with 12 decks. A huge modern ship that makes our ferries, well just a little underwhelming. The Club Class is a restricted extra-cost lounge on the 11th floor of the ferry with complimentary food and wine, all you want, upscale and with great service. Crossing the Irish Sea was rough, real choppy with an undending series of whitecaps that made walking around tough. Souvenirs in the gift shop were falling on the ground and the bottles of overpriced wine in the boutique were rattling noisily threatening to topple from the shelves. Aside from the adverse weather conditions, crossing the Irish Sea was quite unremarkable: three hours of well, sea and most of the voyage with no land in view.

Our first time to Ireland and then into Dublin. Like London and Liverpool no pattern to the streets and no courtesy from the native drivers. A hair raising experience made worse during rush hour. Imagine 250,000 Irish sots driving around desperately in search of another pint of Guiness. I could have easily been one as it took almost an hour to find our hotel. A nice modern place just up from the River Liffey on O'Connell Street with the intriguing appeal of Dublin just waiting for us. But that shall be tomorrow as we are staying another night in Dublin before exploring the rest of Ireland. And some more funny money to get used to; Ireland uses the Euro. A late dinner in the hotel lounge again filled with pushy and loud square headed Germans. They are everywhere. I thought they lost the war, but anyway more tomorrow. Goodnight Begosh and BeJaysus from


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