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Barge that took us across river

200 year old tree in Tikal where people come to pray

Our tour guide said this one is a baby.Wouldn't want to see...

Big ass pyramid


Some of these ruins they estimate to be 3000 years old

Stone carving




Some donkey stuck his big head in front of my camera


Standing on top of what I believe is the tallest Myan pyramid...

Only 15 percent of the pyramids have been unearthed.The vegetation grows so...


View of Flores


Stairs leading up and down a pyramid



Well after another 9 hour bumpy and crammed ride we arrived in Flores.Flores is a small island on a lake with a lot of charm.We got in about 6pm and I was glad to be off the bus.The one thing I was not glad about was the heat and humidity.Flores is in the lowlands of Guatemala and the weather is similiar to that of Florida this time of the year.I made my way to my hotel where I thought I'd be staying because the night before I had made reservations.Well come to find out that whoever booked me did not write me in the book and they just so happened to be full.As I always say things happen for a reason and it held true once again.I found another place on the lake which was cheaper than the last place.Plus I had my own bath and shower.I always try to get my own room and bath,but at times you can't.After I dropped of my bags I took a stroll around town with a friend from Hong Kong to find a place to eat.There where a lot of places to choose from so we just took a shot in the dark and lucked out and had a great meal.After dinner and a few drinks it was time to head back to the hotel to get some rest for our 4:30am depature in the morning for Tikal.They suggest leaving early so that you can beat the heat and the late comers to the park.

Well after another sleepless night because of barking dogs and crowing chickens it was time for our hour and a half bus ride to Tikal.When we arrived we were greeted by Luiz who would be our tour guide for the day.Luiz has been working in the park for 20 plus years and was a wealth of information.Our tour got under way about 6:30am and would last for about 6 hours.Now a lot was seen on the tour and all I'm gonna say is that I continue to be impressed by the Myan culture.Some of the pyramids that were built are over 3000 thousand years old,and some of the systems they had it place for that time is pretty impressive.If you ask me I think they had some help but I'm not gonna say who(ET).

Thank god we went early because after 6 hours walking around in the jungle I was ready to head back to Flores for a dip in the lake and a cold beer.Some of the group that I had been traveling with for the last few days were off to Belize and at first I thought I may join them,but the heat and humidity changed my mind so I'm going to head back to the higher elevations to get back to my Spanish lessons which have been lacking the past month.I'm gonna be headed to the States for a few weeks in August and I will get plenty of heat and humidity then.

Well I have about 6 hours to kill before my bus leaves at 9pm for Guatemala,then I will take a shuttle to Xela.You have to go around your ass to get to your elbow,but if you've seen the mountains here you'd know why.I should arrive in Xela tomorrow afternoon sometime if all goes well.That's it for now,adios!

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