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The Cyclo Driver regretted taking both of us

Decided against buying her produce

Forbidden City - Hue

Our local hole in the wall bar.

River through Hoi An

Japenese Covered Bridge

Wouldn't be the same without one of us now, would it?

Trading time on the river at about 0700

In case you thought we didn't find one here.

Getting ready for fishing at the mouth of the river

A new month a new country..Vietnam. A country split geographically by the attitude of the people. The further South you go the nicer they become. So some advice for anyone wanting to go to Vietnam, start in Hanoi, the sooner you can get away from the crooks and hassles of this city the better(only our opinion), if you want to book tours further North or anywhere, ensure you shop around and get EVERYTHING written down for you. Not that we got stitched up or conned, no no we're far to smart for that...mostly anyway.

Our trip to Vietnam started with our crossing from Laos and heading to the nearest big city which was Hue. Now, we have had it Sunshine non stop since arriving in Asia, so imagine the shock when we arrive to rain and having to wear jackets...this isn't like being on holiday is it..well actually it was a nice restbite from the 35 degree sun, I know it's a struggle this traveling.

So after touring Hue for a couple of days, we went South to Hoi An, well what a fantastic City, you can go there and get any clothes made, just point and tell them the colour and a few hours later there it is. So you can imagine Tracey's delight, she suddenly became a fashion designer sketching her well I just had a beer whilst waiting for my shorts.

The city is truly stunning and has a huge French influence in terms of the architecture and the people are lovely, definately worth a visit, if only to get some clothes made, would certainly go back again.!

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