Southeast Asia 2010 travel blog

Jeff in the Tuk Tuk

Sunset on the Mekong

A snack of fired ribs at the Sunset Bar

Fried frog to go with the ribs

More sunset

Enjoying a beer at the Sunset Bar

Dinner of Spring rolls and fried meat balls

The Fountain in Vientiane

A snack of chicken wings

Enjoying a beer and waiting for the wings

Breakfast in Vientiane

Lunch in Vientiane

We made it across the boarder with surprising little trouble. I was expecting to be attached by taxi driver. We crossed and got a Tuk Tuk for 200 Bt. to town. The Hotel we wanted to stay at was full but the lady that runs it called several places and found us a place for the night with the understanding that it was for only one night. She then drove us to the hotel. It is about three times the price of the Mut Mee. After checking in we walked around town and decided to get some dinner. I liked Jeff's description of dinner so I copied it from his blog.

We had some dinner last night at a little place off the main drag. Spring rolls and fried meatballs. And then there was the fetus egg. I didn't believe Steve, so we bought one cracked it open and sure enough there was a cooked chicken fetus in there. Needless to say, neither of us sampled this local delicacy. We wandered around the streets sampling different foods at different places. We have become quite the chicken wing connoisseurs. We decided to make a couple more blocks last night and came across a pizza place. We knew it was probably a bad idea but couldn't help ourselves. So, at around 2300 Hr. we popped into the pizza place, ordered a Tom Yum pizza and went back to the hotel. The crust of the pizza was filled with 1" pieces of cheese filled hot dog, and the pizza itself had shrimp and other unidentifiable things on it. After a piece and a half, we realized we had seen this pizza on a Bizarre Foods episode. It was the only thing I think I've ever seen Zimmerman spit out on the show.

Today we are looking to rent some motor bikes and just cruz the town. Jeff is having issue with his feet so we are going to try to limit the walking. We tried to setup a cooking class but today is the chef's day off. I am still trying to post pictures but the three I add to the Nong Khia post took 35 min. What I don't get posted from here will be posted when I get back. We booked a bus from Vientiane to Udon Thani for tomorrow. We stay the night in Udon Thani and then catch our flight to Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) Vietnam at 0900.

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