Our Adventures in Argentina travel blog

Water. Trees. Mountains. Repeat.

A rare photo of the two of us: me and my guns....

Los Arrayánnes, Spanish for "pretty red trees"

More scenic-ry

This beach makes you want to light a fire and make some...

It doesn't get any better looking than that. Unfortunately.

The clouds in this photo look pretty neat

Since the photos are really the only reason anyone looks at this thing anyway, let's cut to the chase. Here are some pictures of Villa La Angostura, a little town about an hour away from Bariloche where Laura and I did our first real hike of the trip. It was great, a pregnant woman waddling down the trail with her crippled, limping husband, being passed left and right by bike riders, other hikers, and the occasional tortise. We were joined by two stray dogs who walked the entire 7 miles with us, stopping when we stopped, playing some fetch, and so forth. It would have been really cute except for the fact that I think they sensed our weakness and were waiting for us to drop so that they could eat us.

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