Where on Earth are Caro and Fer? travel blog

Our Favorite Bratwurst stand with our Turkish friends

Our Local Metro Station

Chilling at the GENERATOR Hostel

Like we said, "Not Drinking Much" =)

Grubb, Falafel

Brandenburg Gate, beginning of 5 hour walking tour (caro was hungover)

This is the Hotel where MJ dangled his child out the window.

City shot of Berlin

Berlin Cathedral, Protestant.

Holocaust Memorial

Berlin Wall

Another section of the Wall

Our Bunks

Bear lose in the park, did you guys see Caro running on...

Caro hugging a monument of ME, check out el PACKAGE... =)

So we´ve been here a week now on our second Hostel, GENERATOR, and it´s like hanging out with the cast and extras from American Pie. For some reason this particular Hostel caters to junior high groups, LARGE groups. They keep pulling up by the bus loads. Nothing but screaming, chasing each other (in their underwear), slamming of doors. But seriously, probably just the chapperones and us are able to drink.

The only reason we´re still here is because we had a package sent to us from the states and it got held up by customs. Apparently it´s a HUGE deal to ship an iPod through FedEx. So it´s been in a cage since Monday and we´re forced to put up with the middle school fieldtrips. I spoke with a customs agent and apparently i should receive it tomorrow. THANK GOODNESSSSSSSS.

My (Fernando) overall perception of Berlin is "Gotham City" It´s dark and appears a bit dangerous at night but everyone raves about how safe it is. There is i´d say about twice if not more the amount of Graffiti thatn in LA, which says something. The art scene is quite amazing though, and a big part of that is the graffiti. Made us look at with a new perspective. It has nothing to do with Gangs here.

We also did a free walking tour that lasted 5 hours, ouch our feet... As a result of all these walking tours etc. Caro has developed Athletes feet =) Whatever Fer got Crabs haha

There was an incident where this homeless guy came into the metro and was begging for money. The color of this guy`s skin was extremely pale. It was as if we were looking at a dead person. He was so skinny and forgive me for saying this but we had never ever smelled such a horrible smell. It was like a combination of sewer with rotting corpse.

After this incident we ran into him a couple of times and found out by our German friend that he was a Heroin Addict. Just as he was telling us the story of this addict, he appears in the metro station and this time we got to see the poison he smokes. It was shocking to me (Caro) watching this man. It´s one thing to watch an addict do his thing on T.V. and another to see him make a pipe with foil and smoke the stuff just feet from us.

So it appears we´ll be here in Berlin for one or two days more before we´re able to move on. We´ve decided to not stop in Venice after all for two reasons. 1, it´s too expensive and 2, We don´t want to cut out on our time in Greece which we´re both lookig forward to and stoping in Venice would force us to do so.

Ok that´s it for now. We´ll be in touch soon =)

In the meantime I am going to drink my day away =) (Caro)

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