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James, Sofia and Diana

Sofia pouts for the camera

Hanging out with our friends James and Gina Wynn and their crew in Akron was, as always, wildly entertaining. We got to Akron around 10:00 Tuesday night and went out for a couple of beers with James at a bar downtown. Discussion bounced from natural selection to Steve Zissou to the incredibly sweet birthday cake left at the bar (that I naturally sampled).

On Wednesday we gathered a posse of Wynns (and Kuntzes) together and went to the Inventor's Museum at the University of Akron. The place was pretty cool, though it may have made more sense for us to go to a coffee shop, since we did a lot of walking and talking and not much learning. There were five balconies with walls covered with photos of inventors and their inventions, and these balconies faced out to a giant set of windows shaped like a sail "so that the great minds can propel us forward into the future". Hmmmm. The really cool part of the museum was the basement, a huge room of hands-on inventing mayhem. James' daughter Sofia loved checking everything out, as did those accompanying her. That evening involved a bit of wine, more Wynns and some Napolean Dynamite.

James, Gina, Sofia, Sam and myself cruised up to Cleveland on Thursday with the sole intent of getting a burrito and a cup of coffee. Actually, I think we had other plans as well, but we just never got around to them. That night, another Wynn/Kuntze caravan roamed off toward Canton, Ohio to have dinner at an old family friends' house. Sam and I had never met these people before, but they were gracious enough to invite us along, and the meal was pretty spectacular. Terry Fern whipped up mussels, oysters, lobster bisque, roast beef, vegetables, bread and bananas foster for some twenty people. I just watched in awe.

On New Year's Eve day, we bid farewell to our crew in Akron (Diana and Gearhart: thanks again for the hospitality) and headed to Detroit.

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