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061108 – We packed up and hit the road around 8:00 am and began our drive to Lake Fausse Point State Park in LA. The First 300 miles were pretty straight forward. The final 50 were not. We followed the directions to a T and found ourselves in the middle of nowhere stopped beside a group of rather sophisticated locals parked beside the road shooting pistols and rifles out of the bed of their pickup truck. They waved at us. Rather than stop and say hi I decided to continue forward a few hundred yards before we stopped….on top of a levee.

After a few tries we finally figured out that there was a road that paralleled the levee to the West and started driving down this 25 mile stretch of dirt road flanked on one side by a 50 foot levee and by swamp and shacks on the other. All was going well until we bottomed out the Prius when my tires fell into the ruts. I quickly maneuvered back up on the high spots and managed to make it while driving 25 miles at about 5 – 10 mph.

The campground was absolutely beautiful. Very lush and green from regular rainfall………quite regular. Keane ran up to visit our neighbors who were a nice South African couple on their way from Vancouver to Miami. Keane and Neil could not wait to get lines in the water behind our campsite to try and snag a giant catfish.

We thought about having Keane reach into the murky water while Neil held his feet. The boys learned this technique on the show “Dirty Jobs.” Apparently you stick your arm into a hole where the catfish is hiding and it will grab your hand with its large mouth and your partner pulls you out by your feet. I said no because I was concerned about the gators.

Given that I failed to buy bait, I convinced the kids that Catfish will eat Cheese so I rigged them up with some Monterey Jack. It did not work, but gave me some peace and quiet for about 30 minutes while I cooked up a pot of LBB (Louisiana Bayou Boil). This was another one of my single pot dishes that included Potatoes, Corn, Mushrooms, Carrots, and Cajun Sausage bought at the Piggly Wiggly on the way in. The kids loved this with at little salad. The pot was empty in a matter of minutes.

By the time the sun went down we were still relatively dry given that it had rained only once, but we were not prepared for the mosquito attack. These were the worst biting insects that I had ever seen. We jumped in the tent and turned on all of the lights. We massacred mosquitoes for 15 minutes. There were more than 50 red spots on the roof of the tent. When we were done there was not a single living bug in the tent. We had a blast doing this.

It was so muggy that I slept on a towel. We all sweat so much that the floor of the tent was soaking wet. At least we slept

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