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A VERY large spider !

The San People - Bushmen 1

On the way into the Kalahari...

More of the San...

And some more - these guys were fascinating!

Outside our hut with the Bushmen

We arrived at Trailblazers and to our grass huts after an uneventful border crossing. We were fortunate enough to go on a bush walk with members of the San tribe - often referred to as the Bushmen of Kalahari. These people were amazing - they showed us in the bush all of the roots, herbs, etc they use to cure things like impotency, stop people from getting pregnant, infertility etc.... and the crazy thing is that the Botswana Govt wants to put them into villages and they just want to be left to get on with their traditional way of life (although they did complain that they weren't getting their pensions!!)

They started a fire from scratch - when it didn't work the first time Jonathan tried to tell them how to do it - but luckily before he had a chance to they started it using their rock and stick!

Our hut had beds in them however I don't think we were the only things sleeping in them.... we had a small incident after lots of warm beer and cards where was saw the biggest, ugliest spider I have ever seen (see photo) - which really didn't help me to want to go to sleep in my hut, that also didn't have a door AND we were in the middle of the open bush. After some coaxing, and lots of crawling around with the flashlight, Jonathan convinced me to come into the hut - only to be awoken by the LOUDEST thunder and lightening storm I had ever seen. The lightening struck the lightening pole - that just HAPPENED to be situated right next to our GRASS hut... and of course, I had to go to the bathroom (it always happens!) - which turned into a quick and exposed affair just outside our hut door! (sorry neighbours!)

Off to Maun, the entry point for the Okavango Delta.

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