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Venice Classic

Venice Canals

Moon over Venice

Sculpture along the canals

Venice Water Police

There is no nicer introduction to a city, than to find so many attractive people in one place... Gods wonderful work you might say.... not to mention the shopping... you can find anything and everything here, and it's ALL so unique and beautiful.

We started the day with a bit of shopping... then spent each afternoon toasting the sun (and views of the locals) with Prosecco and/or beer... Consumed divine Tiramisu and excellent squid ink pasta... YUM!!!!!!

Visited Murano Island... and I wish I could post all the photos we took of absolutely stunning italians. We had a bit of friendly competition to see who could get more pictures.... So ladies... you will have to ask special and I MIGHT send you some.... :)

Italian men - if you tied their hands behind their back, they would lose 3/4 of their conversation.

Rode in a gondola past Vivaldi's house!

Really enjoyed it here and it felt very sad to be saying goodbye to our group. We had gotten so used to each other that I hadn't thought about what it would be like to be on my own again....

Anyway, my last morning in Venice (or so I thought) was welcomed with the sound of a tremendous crack at 4am. We later thought it was a bomb going off near the hotel. It was THAT loud.

Then the rain started... and went on and on.... and on and on... really pouring it out like it was the last thing Venice would ever do.

I groaned as I put my pack on and headed out to catch the bus to the airport. I came out of the hotel and was busy jumping over puddles and carefully walking down the middle of the road so I wouldn't get my jeans wet.

This makes me smirk now... as when I turned the corner I was greeted by knee deep rivers of flooding. The only thing for it was to just wade in.. literally.

They stopped the bus somewhere along the road (having passed cars floating or bonnet first in wide holes) as apparently they had just closed all the roads. Long story short I was completely wet, completely without a clue (again), and no idea what to do about it. It was then that everyone around me decided they could only speak Italian. They must of been a bit grumpy about the weather. Can't blame them really.

Eventually I made it to the train station, and then stood in the rain for an hour and a half waiting with about 150 other people in the same position. I must admit I was finding the whole situation a little crazy, and had to have a few laughs. I struggled to find anyone but two American guys who thought it was kinda humourous.

When some roads opened again, I finally got to the airport. I then found myself in another fiasco. I won't go into it, but I missed my flights... had to spend NZ$1000 getting new ones and spend another night in Venice.

It was the first time in my trip I felt a couple of tears coming on. How very dramatic!

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