Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

David and the babies at the KOA

He didn't think Bonnie and Tyler were even worth a growl

Lunch wagon in the background - at the KOA

the Hecks' 'special RV park'

Connie and Ron with the welcome sign and white tires

'Welcome' sign at the RV Park

Sun Valley, AZ Post Office, etc

housing in Sun Valley Estates

Corral hard by the house - cow, horse, bull

more housing - Sun Valley, AZ

the Fire Chief's house

May 25, AM

Flagstaff, AZ

When we woke up and saw the damage to Max, and the knocked over tree, and talked with the policewoman, we learned we were - in a way - lucky. The tree had stopped us. If it had not we would have continued, at 15 MPH per the police, across a road and tipped sideways over a three foot embankment and most likely would have rolled.

Long story made short, the men from the repair shop came over and "Tch, Tch, Tched". They came back with a front end loader to pull Max backward out of the tree, then pulled him forward in to the repair place.

We called Connie and Ron, told them we would see them the next day and David and I, Bonnie and Tyler, spent the day in the customer lounge at the repair shop. They told us they did not know why it was overheated, or why we had trouble... So much for 'repairs'.

We had made reservations at KOA, Flagstaff near the repair shop, so that is where we stayed the night. Nice KOA even though as in all KOAs, the sites were very close together. Very well kept property, with flowers and breakfast and lunch available for a modest price.

May 26th

We had told Ron and Connie we would go to their campground and meet them so the four of us could see the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest. When we got to their campground - we started laughing, and then laughed all day with them about their 'special campground. It had white painted half tires set in a circle around some dead plants. The 'WELCOME" sign was on the only remaining wall of a tumble-down building. There were chickens and a rooster. The campground's name was "ROOT 66" - Yep, ROOT, not Route.

After Connie telling us her horror story about being chased by a Rooster as a child, there was a bigger-than-life rooster at their RV park, she was a good sport and posed for pictures of their 'special' campground. We left from Root 66 RV Park and took off for the Painted Desert.

When we took Connie and Ron back to their campground - you know, Root 66 - Ron rode us through Sun Valley, the town their campground was in. Not To Be Believed - BUT, there are pictures to illustrate the "grandness" of the small town...check it out!

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