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Finally made it to Melbourne and had my first lonesome flight, small step for man one huge step for a plane scared foy! Vic n french met me at the station and we walked down to the hostel but was meant to be a big night out transformed into a very very quiet night in and a very very big catch up! French had a silly o clock flight the next morning so there was just enough for a glass of goon, some shared stories a last min photo and a hug before that was that, no more french n foy on tour!

Vic, her cousin Pauline, and I picked up our home for the next week- a camper van woooooo. We went along the great ocean road in this wonderful state of the art wicked van.... mmmmmm lol. We absolutely loved it and the wicked campers out here are seen everywhere and are awesome in the sense that they are novel lol. Our van had the band The Eagles painted on it and was imaginatively named "the Eagle" =D. The Great Ocean Road was amazing it was sun sea and sand on one side and Cliffs and rain forest on the otherside. We went on a rain forest walk thing to find a lovely waterfall. We also had a few hours watching some surfers on a locals beach which was just amazing!! It was so chilled out. (Note to self: stop using the word amazing so much!).

Vic's aunty ever so nicely put me up for three nights and it was like luxury having a real shower where i don't have to wear flip flops and having home cooked food and a tv?! The little things which i haven't experienced for 3-4 months, it was pure bliss! I enjoyed my camping experience too, i think i could be quite a good little camper lol.

We also went to the famous neighbours night here and met (for those of you that know or even care lol) Janelle Timmins who is just lovely!! Dr Karl woooo!! Madge who i hate to say is very strange and looks like a wax work!! And Connor who was lovely and yes his accent is real, he's a little fat thing now! We also saw libby kennedy sing and she was very good although not at all like the innocent libby kennedy we all know and love lol. We also had a fun packed evening listening to Dr K's band (the waiting room) play, most of it was the typical covers of Indie Bands with a few of their own songs thrown in but everyone was sooo friendly and in such a goo dmood it was an awesome night. I even took to throwing myself to the front of the crowd and dancing away jumping up and down like a mad woman for a good half hour, burned some calories woooo!! We met up with Gary and Verity who French, Steve and I had done a good part of the east coast with so that was cool and we all had a reeeet laugh.

Now settled back into Melbourne city and job hunting all day every day! Missing all the guys heaps and millions but look forward to meeting Jay in New Zealand and maybe seeing Luke and Dave again if they make it to Melbourne =D. Plus Vic and I create enough amusement for ourselves we often forget about the world around us lol, i think her cousin Pauline is going to go home demented hehe.

This website makes it hard to upload pics at the min because we need fast connection on the internet so follow the below links to view the latest piccies =D.

Love you all heaps and millions

Lone Traveller Foy =D


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