Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Band playing

Buckingham Palace

The golden gates

Here come the guards

Fountain outside of Buckingham Palace

We were so close we could have touched them

The horsemen

Me and the police horse's butt

Susanne petting the horse

The police horse

Big ben

View from the hostel window

Part of Big Ben's building

Almost naked unicyclist

Canadian embassy in London

The London eye

Sign at the Maple Leaf pub

Me and Big Ben

Me and a red phone booth...typical tourist photo haha

Me in one of the rental chairs haha

Picadilly circus

statue at buckingham palace

Susanne in the sun

The maple leaf pub

Trafalager square fountain

Westminster abbey

Trafalager square

Weird statue we saw walking

Trafalager square other fountain

Look up....way up

Today we got up and headed over to Buckingham palace to see the changing of the guard. We got there quite early but even then a ton of tourists were already there waiting. We parked ourselves across the street from the gate which we discovered was one of the best places. Police officers on horses were making sure the road was clear for the guardes. Susanne and I got to peet the horse which was fun.

We then headed over to Big Ben to take a picture of it. Walked around, got a little lost, pulled out the map and looked like tourists. Found a cool noodle place to have lunch. We walked our way back towards Buckingham palace to check out St. James Park. We found some really cool lawn chairs and decided to have a break and catch some sun.

After a few minutes a guy came over to us to let us know that you have to pay and rent the chairs. We left right away haha. Made our way up to Picadilly circus. Not quite what I was imagining. Got caught in the rain. Then the sun came out again.

Found our way to Trafalager square which was packed full of people. The big statue there must have been under restoration because it was covered up. We then confusingly tried to follow signs to Covent gardens. Passed by the Maple Leaf pub on our way. Had to take a picture.

Made it to Covent gardens and watched an almost naked guy on a unicycle juggling. There was a market set up so we walked around there. Got caught in a huge downpour on our way back to the hostel, of course we didn't have an umbrella only our rain jackets.

We had to change rooms at our hostel and ended up in a 6 bed female dorm room with a couple girls from the states, an aussie girl and a girl from Iceland. They were all really nice. We decided to head to bed early so we could catch an early train out of London.

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