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Monkeys at Sikendra's Tomb

Camel on the Street on the way to Jaipur

A cow blocking our way in the Pushkar market

A mama monkey and her baby

A cow in the Pushkar market

Random Cows

A Painted Peacock

A Cow in Traffic Scratching Itself

Snake Charmers on the streets of Jaipur

Charming the Snake

Who's the Real Charmer?

Be Careful! -he bites! An Indian Cobra

Camels on the outskirts of Jaipur

More of the same camels on the outskirts of Jaipur

Green Parrot Like Birds

On the Road to Dehli, India

Just some notes and photos on the variety of animals we've seen in India...

As urban monkeys were seen throughout the streets of Agra, urban cows seem to dominate the streets of Pushkar. They roam the marketplace as though toursists looking for a bargain. They heed few horns and can be rather stubborn when making their way on the narrow streets. I have no idea who owns these cows, or if anybody is responsible for them, but they are everywhere -and no one seems to mind. Holy Cow!

Bear Harbor is a hit in India. (For those who haven't met him, he's our traveling bear, and he crops up in most of our photos past and present.) Many vendors have been interested in buying him -but no deal, he's not for sale. Having seem some of the abuses that dancing bears endure in India, its an unsuitable fate for a small bear. Besides India has already been a little hard on Bear Harbor -he wasn't allowed to see the Taj Mahal. They were afraid that he was a plastic explosive laden bomb, and he had to be checked in a cloak room outside with our cashews and Take Five bars (thanks Joanne!)

Ann mentioned camels earlier, and we've come across a ton more. They seem to make great beasts of burden -much stronger than horses or oxen. I don't know whether for decoration or identification, but many of the camels have ornate patterns painted and/or shaved into their coats. I don't have a good picture yet, but some of the designs are wild.

And of course, what would a trip to India be without some snake charmers? I'm not sure how 'authentic' snake charmers get, but these guys had the whole get up. Still, they were mostly a tourist attraction. Honestly, I was a little bit scared to get so close. I'm not sure what happens to the snakes. I always thought it was the small circular motions of the instrument that hypnotised them, but now I'm not so sure. These snakes were certainly real, but they almost seemed to be trained -or perhaps drugged. (I'm not sure that either is possible.) As soon as the basket was opened, they popped out hood and all, and basically just looked mad for about 5 minutes until it was time to go back in the basket.

I think we visited Pushkar just after all the moons alligned for the dogs -there were puppies everywhere. They were all cute and cuddly -and destined to a harsh life on the streets. We saved a small puppy at the Savitri temple in Pushkar. (Well, we just picked him up out of a hole, but surely that is worth some karma points.)

Chipmunks seem to be as prevasive here as squirrels are back home -running and darting every which way looking for grain or nuts.

I'm sure we'll encounter even more animals as we go, so be on the look out for another Animal Planet.

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