John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog


We are up early. John fishes for a short time. We say our goodbyes to Justin and we are on our way.

We take Route 50 to Winchester, Virginia. At Winchester, we opt for the interstate. I66 is a great choice. It takes us directly to the Washington DC Beltway.

As we near the beltway, traffic picks up. Seven miles from the beltway, we are in stop/start traffic. Once on the beltway it is not as bad. It is still stressful. The beltway seems to go on forever!

Once off the beltway, it is a short distance to Rips Country Inn. This is one of our favorite restaurants. We need this stop to unwind!

The stress of going around Washington is for only one hour. Nonetheless, I wish there was another way!

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