Forty miles southwest of Bend off Cas ascade Lakes Highway lies beautiful Lake Hosmer. It was there we began our kayak trip at about 8:30 AM. We had rented a small plastic kayak for me as Erin and Barb took our kayak. We were all alone except for a couple of float-able pontoon fishing boats. We paddled through reeds and were entertained by the numerous duck families wandering the shoreline and reed area. Ducklings following mom. A mature pine forest accented with wildflowers lined the banks and surrounding hillsides. We found a channel in the reeds and floating pond vegetation that led us towards a dam where the lake drained into a short creek. The falls there were beautiful and we disemba rked to walk the and view the disarppearing river. The water from the small dam pours over the rocks below and suddenly disappears into the porous volcanic rocks leaving a dry creekbed lined with red and yellow flowers. We then re boarded and continued about the lake's channels through the dense reeds. We spotted many fish in the very clear water. This was a shallow vegetation filled lake. The channel and Bill's GPS led us to a very hidden narrow channel that wound upstream to what became a fast moving stream supplied by a 10 foot cascading waterfall. We paddled as far as we could against the current and then landed on a level area at the shore. The water was quite cold. The air temp. when we started was 43 degrees but climbed rapidly in the early morning sun. It was about 75 degrees when we landed at this location. We spread our beach blanket and basked in the heat of the sun. We hiked the additional 200 feet to the falls. I waded across the stream in the ice cold water and it felt really good. Just as we turned to leave, a gaggle of kayaks and canoes arrived to break our solitude-we left in the nick of time. The paddle back was also beautiful but it was like paradise lost as we encountered heavy boat traffic-every kayak and canoe from Bend must have been there. Learning how to paddle my rental mini kayak was a new experience for me. The boat had no rudder and was tricky to maneuver. I got a real workout during the 7 mile adventure. When we hit the boat dock it was like a New York parking lot of cars. I rose to get out of the floating rubber ducky when my foot slipped and I cascaded back into the cold lake with a huge splash! It was most entertaining to the crowds about. I recouped my equipment and wrung out the water. Despite the incident it was a terrific day. Erin greatly enjoyed her new experience. We had dinner at the Pine Tavern. We enjoyed our meals as we sat by the Deschute River. The evening was perfect.

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