Mandy and Jon's Journey 2005 travel blog

Running errands in Bangkok...

is not fun.

What you think would take one hour, takes four.

What the sign says, is wrong.

This bus will take you there, maybe.

We had three days in the city to take care of a few necessary tasks. The main one was securing our India visa. We also had to attempt to change some airlines tickets. We needed to find some picture frames and get some photos developed. All of these things seemed relatively simple, and even if we dedicated one day each to completing one main errand we were pushing it. This is most certainly more our own fault than the fault of Bangkok as a metropolis, but still, let's blame the big, dirty, heartless, sinister city.

Highlights of the four days, on the other hand, included a rendezvous with our friend from Khao Lak, Julia. She was off to Cairo to visit her sister and we had the pleasure of her company at dinner. (Thanks for the cell, by the way, Julia.) We also had the good fortune to see some of our photographs developed on real photography paper. Until now we've only seen a couple photographs printed out, but none in large format. That was a treat.

Once the Indian visa was secure, though, we made quick plans to get out of town and get back to Khao Lak. Overnight bus, anyone?

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