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We developed some of our favorite picture to create the Adventure Wall...

After carrying it on our back for 3 months, we proudly hung...

The cat wall carpet we bought in Peru was well liked by...

The next best thing to watching Olympics live is to watch it...

Watching 204 countries march in the Olympics put several of us to...

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The hammock became a big swing for the kids


We took care not to buy too much suveniors in S. America as we would have to lug it with us for many months on our back. However, of the little that we bought, we thought through carefully where we would place them.

One of the key item was the hammock we bought in Brazil. In Venezuela, the kids fell in love with sleeping and swing on the hammock. Now it is placed alongside our original IKEA ladder and swing. It's amazing how creative the kids can get playing with a hammock.

Another key item was the wall carpet with prints of cats we bought in Peru. It was done with a mixed or Peruvian style plus modern abstracts, which we feel fits our decor very well. Amazingly, our cat Zoe took a great liking to it and often sit next to it or stand up trying to touch the cat figures. Perhaps she misses her kittens...

We also as a family looked through all our 7,000 pictures and picked some of our favorites to develop, frame, and hang on the wall of our apartment that have been saved for this specific purpose. We call it our Adventure wall. It was so hard to choose only 18 pictures out of hundreds of our favorites. It really only represents a fraction of our wonderful memories of S. America.


Olympics for China felt different from Olympics in all other countries. For China, the country literally stopped everything else it is doing and focus on making sure the Olympics was the best and showed the world what the new China is like.

We watched the opening ceremony in anticipation and great expectation with our friends in Kunming. Indeed it was quite impressive and we enjoyed the performances. It was great that so many nations attended as well but it was difficult to concentrate for 2 whole hours looking at all the different countries' names close to midnight in China,

I liked watching the various events. In China, they dedicated 5 entire channels showing the events 24 hours a day. Some of the highlights for me were the Chinese women weight lifter who lifted more than 34KG more than the silver medalist, the encourage of the wife of the American shooter who missed his last shot, the comeback of Du Li who lost her first shooting event but 4 days later got her gold in another event, the Chinese archer who beat S. Korea after decades of dominance by S. Korea, and the German weight lifter who stood on the award stand holding the picture of his deceased wif and Phelep who won an amazing 8 golds.


In a few days, we'll be heading to live in the village as volunteers for the next 6 months. We want to live with the poor miniorties community that we have been assisting to really understand and relate with them. We look forward to the experience but also realizing that it might be tough to adjust physically and culturally. In some sense, it is an continuation of our adventurous experience in S. America.

We'll share more about it after we get there.

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