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Old St. Mary's Church (completed in 1863) in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Then they built the new St. Mary's Church right next door (1906).

The sky cleared up just in time for us to visit Wildseed...


It was very pretty walking around the farm.

Red Corn Poppy and Texas Bluebonnets

The butterflies ventured back out to enjoy the flowers, too, after the...

More Texas Bluebonnets than anyone could count!

What a pretty way to cover the fence.

"This is a lot of walking Mommy, I need to sit down...

Downtown Fredericksburg, Texas.

On the square in Bandera, Texas.

It’s raining but the weather is forecasted to clear up… should we risk it and drive to Fredericksburg or not? Yes! Let’s go for it! Although Willis was being the optimist I must admit I had my doubts. Now I must acknowledge he was right.

Based on a recommendation from the locals, we decided to drive to Fredericksburg via TX-16 (which consists of a lot of narrow two-lane highway) through scenic Texas Hill County. It rained on us the entire way to Fredericksburg so we couldn’t see much getting there due to the low gray clouds, however, when we later drove back to San Antonio in the sunshine, we again drove TX-16 and found the return drive to be absolutely gorgeous! (A note of caution to fellow travelers driving TX-16 – there is one section where trucks are diverted off to another route and this is for a good reason. In this short section of TX-16 there are some steep and narrow hairpin turns that even our little Clyde had to extra cautiously maneuver through.)

As we pulled into Fredericksburg the sun started breaking through the clouds. First we stopped and looked at St. Mary’s (see pictures) but then decided that we needed to head over to Wildseed Farms while the sun was shining just in case it were to start raining again. Wildseed Farms is located seven miles east of Fredericksburg and is supposedly the largest working wildflower farm in the world so I wanted to see that! Since it is the start of spring the majority of the 200 acres of wildflowers were just starting, but we did see some lovely Texas bluebonnets, red corn poppies and phlox. The cornflowers were just starting to open as where many other of the spring flowers. They told us that in the summer time the cosmos, sunflowers and zinnias are the main crops of beauty to see.

After leaving the farm we returned to Fredericksburg and wandered down the street looking at the many shops. Blayde particularly enjoyed the shop, Dogologie, where he got to pick out a decorated bone cookie. Willie enjoyed shopping in the Hill Country Outfitters and I found Rustlin’ Rob’s Texas Gourmet Foods to be a foodie’s delight! After shopping we enjoyed an early dinner in a small cozy German restaurant named “der LindenBaum”. I enjoyed my Rheinischer Sauerbraten (a roast, marinated for a week in a sweet and sour raisin sauce), noodles, and pickled red cabbage. Willie enjoyed a sampler plate of various Bratwurst, German potato salad and Bavarian style sauerkraut. We shared a piece of German chocolate cake to top it all off. (I guess we didn’t stick to our reduced calorie plan for this meal!)

Knowing that we only had about three hours of daylight left, we then headed back to San Antonio in hopes of seeing all the sights we had missed earlier in the day due to the rain. We made a short stop in Bandera, Texas, also known as “The Cowboy Capital of the World”. Although we didn’t see a lot of cowboys during our short visit we did see lots of motorcyclists (bikers) stopped to enjoy the various saloons and honky-tonks lining the main street through town!

We pulled into our RV spot just past dusk and were glad for the rest after a long, albeit enjoyable, day of driving and walking. We are so enjoying all the many pleasant memories we are making in this fulltiming lifestyle!

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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