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Bangkok sunset

catching up with Finn & Elin

tuk tuk to Patpong

Th Ko San

Am here waiting for my flight to Hong Kong tomorrow and very excited about meeting Beth there. Thought would get last couple days of sun by the hotel pool but no, it has not stopped raining since I arrived - bloody monsoon season!! Really starting to annoy me - I am not nearly satisfied with my homecoming tan! Oh well, nevermind, it has left me a lot of time for shopping I suppose!

Met up with Finn & Elin again for a night and was great to see them - had dinner and after a few drinks we decided we'd go and check out Patpong, the famous red light district. Wasn't my idea (sort of?) I'm blaming you Finn, but is something you just have to do whilst in Bangkok....when in Rome and all that...not going into too many details but yes it is true what they say about the ping pong balls! Was hilarious and very funny when you have to keep ducking so as not to get hit in the sure everyone knows what I mean....poor Elin - have you recovered from the shock yet??!

So I leave tomorrow. Am going to miss Asia a lot, although civilization & normality is going to be good. I can't imagine what it will be like to be able to walk down the street without being grabbed/poked/hassled to buy something or go somewhere and not have daily arguments with people about prices, being ripped off etc etc...I think Asia has turned me into the most argumentative, aggressive person and obviously I wasn't like that before :o) am now a LOT more tough and feisty so watch out....!!!

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