Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Woke up early this morning to say bye to Kev and Chris and then get myself fully packed up. I caught the bus out to Dublin airport. Was a bit sad watching Dublin disappear into the distance. Once at the airport I felt my bag was too big so I threw out a shirt haha. The life of a backpacker I tell ya. It wasn't a good shirt anymore anyways. Got myself checked in and waited.

Looking over Spain from the airplane window was cool. It looks so much different then Ireland does from above. Spain isn't near as green! And the sun was shining. Got into the airport, whizzed through passport control, grabbed my backpack and off I went to find the metro.

After riding 3 different lines, and changing trains twice I got myself to the station I needed to be at. No problem. Now comes the hard part. My directional senses are all disorientated so I walked around in a circle before finally figuring out my way to the hostel. Dropped my bags in the room and then went down to the hostel bar.

I met a few people who are from all over but are living in France teaching. One guy was from Mexico. He could speak Spanish and French but only a little bit of english. Interesting. Was exhausted from hauling my bag around so headed to bed early.

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